The Corridor Region provides low cost training seminars and workshops for every step of the business development cycle. We provide workshops like How to Write a Business Plan, How to Start Your Own Business, Social Media Time Savers, How to Get More Clients with a Simple Sales Process, QuickBooks and much more!


Please visit our Training Calendar for a full list of the comprehensive training programs and workshops offered by the Corridor Region.

Our workshops include our comprehensive Smart Start Entrepreneur 101- this highly recommended 3 hour workshop is taught by an Attorney, a CPA, and an Insurance Professional. You will leave this class informed, prepared and energized to start your new business.

Business Plan Starter Kit

How to Write A Business Plan

No matter what kind or size of a business you are starting, it is important to create a business plan. It is the best way to get where you want to go. It communicates your understanding of the business and it makes reasonable assumptions and forecasts of sales, expenses, and cash flow. Creating a business plan forces you to confront the reality of what you are planning to do [...] Click Here for Kit

Business Plan Template Click Here

Additional Business Plan Resources


Free Online Business Training

MDSBDC Virtual Classroom

Available 24/7 at no cost to you! Click here

The Maryland SBDC is proud to offer a series of comprehensive online courses that teach entrepreneurs the 3 M's: Money, Marketing and Management. Each course is approximately 45 to 90 minutes long and contains audio, high-end graphics, interactive case studies, and worksheets.

Choose from over 25 free topics:

Starting Your Business

Developing a Business Plan
Conducting a Marketing Analysis
Analyze your Competition
Targeting Your Market
Maintaining an Agile Company
Creating a Competitive Advantage
Creating a Strategic Plan
Determining Your Business Legal Structure
Protecting Your Business with Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks

Managing Your Finances

Preparing a Cash Budget
Preparing a Balance Sheet
Managing Your Cash Flow
Running a Profitable Company
Creating a Profit and Loss Statement
Analyzing Your Financial Ratios
Protecting Your Business with Contracts
Assessing Your Company's Financial Needs
Partners and Investors
Valuing a Business

Foundations of Marketing

Pricing Products and Services
Building Your Brand
Promoting Your Business
Advertising Your Business
Building a Web Site
Personalization Strategies to Attract and Retain Customers
Identifying Your Sales Strategy

Spanish Now Available!

SPANISH: La publicidad de su negocio
SPANISH: El mantenimiento de una empresa agil
SPANISH: Analice su competencia
SPANISH: Preparar una Hoja de Balance
SPANISH: La construccion de su marca
SPANISH: La elaboracion de un Plan de Negocios
SPANISH: Preparacion de un Presupuesto de caja
SPANISH: Administrar el flujo de caja
SPANISH: Creacion de una Ventaja Competitiva
SPANISH: Su evaluacion de las necesidades financieras de la empresa
SPANISH: La realizacion de un Analisis del Mercado
SPANISH: Socios e inversionistas
SPANISH: Estrategias de personalizacion para atraer y retener clientes
SPANISH: Precios de Productos y Servicios
SPANISH: Correr en una empresa rentable
SPANISH: La creacion de un Estado de Perdidas y Ganancias
SPANISH: La promocion de su negocio
SPANISH: Como Analizar sus Indices Financieros
SPANISH: La identificacion de su estrategia de ventas
SPANISH: Creacion de un Plan Estrategico
SPANISH: Definiendo su Mercado Objetivo
SPANISH: La valoracion de un negocio
SPANISH: La construccion de un sitio Web


Professional Resources

The Corrdor Region regularly collaborates with local professionals to ensure clients are getting the best information available. Please scroll down to see the categories below of companies that can help you with your specific business needs.

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