Business Plans

Your Road Map to Success
No matter what kind or size of business you are starting, it is very important to create a business plan. It is your road map to success. It communicates your understanding of the business, including reasonable assumptions and forecasts of sales, expenses, and cash flow.

Planning is best as a process, not just a document. No one can tell your story better than you. Writing your plan will help you understand fully what will be involved in running your business and anticipate how you will address certain issues. 

A Tool for the Future
Business planning never stops. Once you’ve created your initial plan and begin implementing it, you’ll need to revise it as your business grows. The planning process is a powerful tool and as you make regular progress reviews, track metrics, and watch for changed assumptions, you will adjust your plan accordingly. Even successful business owners should maintain a current business plan to ensure they remain knowledgeable on the elements that can affect continued success.

Get Started – Here’s a suggested Table of Contents for a Business Plan and an explanation of each section to get you started.